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Northern parula
The smallest and one of the commonest wood warblers over much of eastern North America.
Ovenbird, New Jersey
This common warbler is named for the shape of its nest, resembling a tiny kiln or bread oven (and not, as is often said, a Dutch oven).
Dunnock, Spain
A dunnock sings in the Spanish Pyrenees.
White-winged dove, Arizona
A species on the move, the white-winged dove now breeds throughout the southern Great Plains and is a regular visitor to New Jersey.
Hoatzin, Peru
The bizarre hoatzin is strictly vegetarian.
Peruvian pelican, Peru
The gigantic Peruvian pelican is nearly twice the size of the familiar brown pelican of North and Middle America.
White-faced ibis, Arizona
White-faced ibis feed, loaf, and sun on the flats of southeast Ariona.
Semipalmated sandpiper, New Jersey
Juvenile semipalmated sandpipers begin to arrive in northern New Jersey at the very end of July, weeks after their parents have begun the southward migration.
Western sandpiper, New Jersey
Adult western sandpipers are common migrants in New Jersey's coastal marshes, with much smaller numbers spring and fall in the Meadowlands.
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