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Field Trip Policies

September 2023
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Please visit the Field Trips page 24 hours before your trip for information about cancellations and confirmations. 

Please read these guidelines carefully and be prepared to comply with them fully when you participate in field trips.

The Montclair Bird Club's field trips are open to anyone, member or non-member. The Club will continue to follow the most up-to-date CDC guidelines, along with any other local, state, or federal requirements. 


  • May be worn by participants at their own discretion, even when outdoors and observing social distancing.

  • Local, state, and federal requirements take precedence over the Club's recommendations.


  • Unrelated individuals should exercise caution in sharing optics.

  • Trip leaders are not obligated to share optics with participants, but may choose to do so.



  • Field trip leaders may limit the number of participants in a trip at their own discretion.



  • Group leaders may modify or add any requirements at their own discretion and notify participants in advance of the field trip.

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