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We will resume our Zoom lecture meetings in September. Please join us in June, July, and August for our virtual field trips!



Recent meetings

May 2020: An Online Quiz, with Rick Wright.

June 2020: A Walk on Pipeline Road, by Sandy Sorkin.

July 2020: The Real James Bond, by Jim Wright. 

August 2020: An Online Quiz, with Rick Wright.

September 2020: Manakins and Microbes, by Jeniffer Houtz.

October 2020: The Bizarre Breeding Behaviors of Tropical Cuckoos, by Christine Riehl.

November 2020: Dispersal in Young Peregrine Falcons, by Elise Morton. 

December 2020: An MBC Story Slam, by Pamela Olsen.

January 2021: Modern-Day Exploration in the Tropics, by Dan Lane.

February 2021: Winter Raptors, by Giselle Smisko.

March 2021: Damselflies and Dragonflies: the Other White Meat, by George Nixon.

April 2021: Wolf Natural History and Tourism in Yellowstone, by Paul Brown.

May 2021: Sandhills and Saw-whets, by Matthew Schuler.

June 2021: Magnificent Namibia, by Linda Woodbury.