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Montclair Bird Club Meetings

June 12, 2024, 7:30 pm, at Union Congregational Church
Annual Members Meeting and Election
Hoatzin, Peru.jpg

Hoatzin, photo by Rick Wright

Please join us IN PERSON for our annual members meeting and election of officers and board members for the upcoming program year.


Our next meeting will be held in September
title to be announced 
by speaker to be announced

Limpkin, Sanford M. Sorkin

Recent Meetings

January 2023: Frank Chapman, CBC Founder and So Much More, by James Huffstodt

February 2023: A Bird Club in San Diego, by Rick Wright

March 2023: The Peregrine Project, by Wayne Quinto Greenstone

April 2023: Piping Plovers on the Rockaway Peninsula, by Chris Allieri

May 2023: Basic Ornithology, by Phil Echo

June 2023: Annual Members and Friends Meeting

September 2023: Build-a-Bird, with Rick Wright

October 2023: Finding W. H. Hudson, by Conor Mark Jameson

November 2023: How to Attract Screech Owls, by Jim Wright

November 2023: Birding and Conservation in Italy, by Marco Valtriani

January 2024: A Man, a Plan, a Whole Lotta Birds, by Rick Wright

February 2024: Whimbrels on the Texas Coast, by Sam Wolfe

March 2024: Searching for the Goshawk, by Conor Mark Jameson

April 2024: The Life of the Whooping Crane, by Paityn Bower

May 2024: Birding Colombia's Andes, by Debbie Bifulco

June 2024: Annual Members and Friends Meeting

For the Zoom link to our online meetings, e-mail

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