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May 12, 2021

Sandhills and Saw-whets

Matt Schuler











Sandhill Wildlife Area, in central Wisconsin, is a 10,000-acre facility completely surrounded by a ten-foot-tall, deer-proof fence. Over the past 100 years, the property has changed ownership and environmental goals. However, it remains a wildlife refuge and a wildlife research center where biologists are able to study the behavior and populations of numerous species. Matt will offer a general overview of the history of the property and the research that has taken place there, showing some of the wildlife highlights from his own years of work in central Wisconsin. 

Matt Schuler grew up in central Wisconsin. As a college student, he worked at Sandhill Wildlife Area and at the Raptor Education Group (REGI), experiences that inspired graduate study in ecology, which in turn gave him the opportunity to travel around the world. A common theme in every state and country he visited was a lack of clean fresh water, an observation that motivated Matt to study lake environments in upstate New York. Now an assistant professor at Montclair State University, Matt is an ecologist studying how human activities alter ecological communities. For the past few years, he has been investigating how stressors such as salt pollution, climate change, and invasive species affect freshwater environments. Hopefully, this research will help protect freshwater resources for future generations and help train the next generation of innovative scientists. 

June 9, 2021

Exploring Southern Africa

Magnificent Namibia

Linda Woodbury


Linda Woodbury has been a birder since 1975, when her grandmother gave her a bird feeder for her new home. She watched backyard birds for years, until she met a friend who also watched birds. They began exploring New Jersey and beyond. Their favorite haunts were the Meadowlands, Brigantine, Cape May, and Florida.  In recent years, Linda has started birding internationally, traveling as much as she can.  Sub-Saharan Africa is her favorite region, and she has made several trips to different locations, with an emphasis on orphaned elephants, mission work with her church, and, of course, the beautiful birds. Our world is a magnificent place filled with wonders, and Linda hopes to keep finding new spots to explore.


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