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The purposes of The Montclair Bird Club are to stimulate and increase the appreciation of nature and an understanding of birds and their natural environment, and to encourage conservation practices through support and education.

Until further notice, we will have only virtual meetings. Invitations to virtual meetings are emailed the day before each meeting. To be added to our list of friends and receive invitations to our meetings, email



October 21, 2021

Virtual Field Trip

7:30 pm: Who Was That Masked Bird?

October 28, 2021

7:30 pm: Photography Lecture and Workshop

with Fred Goode

Fred Goode is a professional photographer and one of our newest members. His lecture, his lecture, appropriate to both beginners and experienced photographers, will give us guidance in photographing perched birds and birds in flight; he will address DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and workflow software. There will be time for comments and questions. On Saturday, October 30, we will have a chance to apply Fred's recommendations at Mill Creek Marsh.

Please register for this online event at

Zoom invitations will be sent October 27. 

October 30, 2021

8:00 am: Photography Bird Walk

with Fred Goode and Sandy Sorkin


Mill Creek Marsh, Secaucus

Driving directions here

November 10, 2021

7:30 pm: Build-a-Bird

with Rick Wright

Bird identification is easy—well, easier—when the objects of our observation stand still in field-guide profile. But as Ogden Nash so memorably remarked, "a bird in the open seldom looks / like its picture in the birdy books." Birders learn, slowly and painstakingly, to make do with the bits of bird they can see in the tree, matching fragmentary parts to their mental "search image" of an idealized whole. Join Rick Wright in a fun, no-stress attempt to assemble wings, tails, bills, and feet into actual birds. 

Rick Wright leads Birds and Art tours in Europe and the Americas for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours. 









November 13, 2021

9:00 am: Sandy Hook

monthly meet-up outing

December 11, 2021

9:00 am: Shark River and Shark River Inlet

monthly meet-up outing












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Birding Meet-Up Groups

One Saturday a month,  members and friends get together as a “birding meet-up group” to explore NJ parks and reserves. Schedules and more details are here. The same rules for Covid safety apply to these trips as to trips with a leader.

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NEW BOOKS for the local birder! Click here for the latest titles in the Custom Bird Guides series by Rick Wright and Sandy Sorkin. 




Click on the photo to see the results of the Garret Mountain Bioblitz 2021!

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