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Sunday, September 8, at 6:00 pm

A Montclair Chimney Swift Roost

Sunday, September 8, 2024

rain date September 9


with Evan Cutler


Meet at 6:00 pm on Norwood Avenue between Lorraine Avenue and Bellevue Avenue, next to the parking lot of the Bellevue Avenue branch of the Montclair Public Library.


For decades, Buzz Aldrin Middle School in Montclair has played host to one of the most

fascinating birding spectacles in all of New Jersey. Each evening, flocks of Chimney Swifts fill the

sky, feeding on flying insects, until suddenly, one by one they enter the school’s chimney, where they will roost until the next morning. This is a terrific opportunity to watch this

phenomenon up close. Feel free to bring a lawn chair and a snack or beverage. We’ll be out until 7:30 pm.


Write for further information.



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