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Violet sabrewing, Honduras
Rufous-bellied chachalaca
A common but very local specialty of northwestern Mexico, the rufous-belled chachalaca's memorably loud choruses are the highlight of a morning in Sonora's thorn scrub.
Berylline hummingbird, Guatemala
Brewer duck
Presumed hybrid or backcross, mallard x gadwall. First described by Audubon in 1838. This individual was at DeKorte Park in January.
Black-capped chickadee
A black-capped chickadee feeding from a liquidambar capsule.
American bittern, New Jersey
Once common, this big brown heron is now a very scarce migrant and winterer in the NJ Meadowlands.
Northern parula
The smallest and one of the commonest wood warblers over much of eastern North America.
Ovenbird, New Jersey
This common warbler is named for the shape of its nest, resembling a tiny kiln or bread oven (and not, as is often said, a Dutch oven).
Dunnock, Spain
A dunnock sings in the Spanish Pyrenees.
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Violet sabrewing, Honduras