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Members of Montclair High School's Friends of Rand Park club search for signs of bird life outside their school.  Montclair Bird Club's Evan Cutler and Sandy Sorkin led the students on an after-school walk through Rand Park, accompanied by faculty advisor Susan Eckert. 

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When the winter birding gets slow at Garret Mountain Reservation, it picks up at other locations. Join the Club each Wednesday at a north Jersey birding locale (maybe Garret, maybe not) for a morning walk.  Call Beni at 973 202-5579 to register and find out the location. Start time 8:00 a.m.


A Virtual Field Trip

with a Zoom "tally" at 7:30 pm, May 19


May 7, 2022

with Deb DeSalvo

Rain date May 8

Join Deb DeSalvo on an exploration of her property in the heart of Tewksbury, NJ. This nature walk will take us through three distinct habitats: woodlands, wetlands, and farmland. We could see a good variety of butterflies, and birds may include woodpeckers, warblers, orioles, swallows, and bluebirds, and many other species. There are mowed paths throughout, but it may be muddy, and we will cross a small brook. Wear water shoes, or wear tall boots to keep your feet from getting wet. Bring a walking stick if you’d like. Meet at 8:30 am at Deb DeSalvo’s home, 36 Cold Brook Road, Oldwick, NJ 08858.
Google Maps doesn’t recognize the address yet, so you may have to plug in #31 instead, which is DIRECTLY ACROSS THE ROAD. Park by the barn (blue) or by the house (gray). Please do not park on the road or across the road at the neighbor’s. And please note that this is a dirt road with a 20-mph speed limit. Please carpool if you can.
Call 973 941-9941 if you will be late. You can also call Deb for directions, though most people have GPS these days—just see the note above for address tweak.














November 8, 2022

A birder's meet-up 


The open waters off this Monmouth County park are a well-known but relatively little-birded highway for southbound seabirds each autumn. On a good day, scoters, gannets, and gulls pour past in impressive numbers, some of them settling on the water’s edge for good views. There is very little vegetation in the park, but the scrub pines often harbor red-breasted nuthatches, hermit thrushes, or even red crossbills, and horned larks and snow buntings are possible in the dunes. Meet in the Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park parking lot at 9:00 am (directions here). Dress for very cold, windy weather, and bring a notebook and pencil, binoculars, and water and a snack; if you have a scope, you will probably find it helpful. Expect to finish by noon. No registration needed.


December 20, 2022

A birder's meet-up 


This wide spot in the Raritan River, just upstream from Raritan Bay, is a regular wintering area for great and double-crested cormorants, bald eagles, northern harriers, and the occasional short-eared owl. The great attraction for birds and for birders is the active landfill on the north shore of the river, which has recently made the park one of New Jersey’s most productive gull-watching sites; lesser black-backed, Iceland, and glaucous gulls are regular here, though the white-winged species are, as expected, scarce. We will watch from a picnic shelter on the edge of the water, protected from any precipitation. Meet in the Ken Buchanan Riverfront Park boat ramp parking lot at 9:30 am (directions here). Dress for very cold, windy weather, and bring a notebook and pencil, binoculars and water and a snack; if you have a scope, you will probably find it helpful. Expect to finish around noon.  No registration needed.

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