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March 11, 2015 The American Chestnut presented by Clark Beebe

The talk will highlight the majesty that was the American chestnut, its range and its importance to wildlife, farmers and industry.  It will then talk about the blight and the scale of the disaster it was--the largest ecological disaster to ever hit the US!  I will then go over the breeding program designed to introduce Chinese chestnut partial resistance into the American chestnut.  It is this breeding program that is the purpose and goal of The American Chestnut Foundation.  I will then talk about where we are in the process, what's next and how anyone interested can help.

April 8, 2015 Ruth Webster Lecture Series

Snowy owls: the ultimate nomads presented by JFTherrien

The presentation will review recent results from Hawk Mountain Sanctuary's research program, with an emphasis on movement and reproduction of snowy owls. The audience will witness how we manage to monitor those highly mobile and unpredictable predatory birds throughout consecutive years via a slide show depicting field work situations.

JF Therrien bio:

Born 20 minutes from the border with Vermont, in Sherbrooke, QC, Canada.

Academic internship at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in autumn 2002.

Bachelor degree in biology at the Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, 2003.

Master degree in biology at Université Laval, Canada, 2006.

Ph.D. degree in biology at Université Laval, Canada, 2011.

Joined Hawk Mountain Sanctuary as Senior Research Biologist in September 2011.

Now working on various aspects of raptor conservation science such as satellite tracking of peregrine falcons, Turkey vultures and snowy owls, monitoring American kestrel breeding populations and monitoring of North American migratory raptors passing over the Sanctuary.


Learn about our treasured owls, as well as nightjars and rails with a PowerPoint presentation discussing their natural history, where to find them and interesting facts about these secretive and amazing avian creatures that seem to fascinate us all.  The program features excellent images of all of New Jersey’s owls, nightjars and rails.


Feb 14 - 16, 2015 Cape Ann Massachusetts  CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

Sunday March 22, 2015  Liberty Park Birds & Beer & Brats

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