Montclair Bird Club


May 11, 2016

Ruth Webster Lecture Series:

"Calling fowl: bird vocalizations and how to record them."

Presented by Dan Lane

Bird sounds captivate the mind, assist in identification, and are important to taxonomy. Dan will discuss how to listen to them, identify them, and record them for posterity.

Dan Lane grew up in Montclair and was a member of MBC from the age of 8. He fondly remembers his years with the club, joining trips and seeing the slide shows here. In 1995, he moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to pursue a Master's degree at LSU, and (more importantly) to join the famous expeditions to South America, on which new species of birds to science were being discovered. Presently, he guides tours for Field Guides Tours Inc., and still retains his association with LSU and lives in Baton Rouge... But Montclair will always be his home!


April 20, 2016 thru May Wednesday Warbler Walks at Garret Mtn. Reservation

April 23, 2016 Spring Warblers at Garret Mtn. Reservation

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